If you feel a draft when you are near your windows or you can see fogging between the glass – it is probably time to replace them. These issues show that your windows are not performing the way that they should, and you are losing money in heating and cooling costs because the energy used to heat and cool your home is pouring out through your windows.

If you have trouble opening and closing your windows, or even worse, the windows are painted or nailed shut, you should consider replacing them for safety reasons – it may even be a code violation to have windows that do not easily open for a means of escape.

If you notice any water stains around your windows, or chipping/cracking on or around the windows, it is sometimes possible to repair the window but likely that you would benefit from replacement.

People also consider replacing their windows for aesthetic reasons, new windows can really improve the look of a home and help with resale value. You might also consider updating your old windows (even if they seem to be in good shape) because new windows typically help to reduce energy consumption and cost and can come with “low-e (low emissivity)” glass which helps to reduce heat transfer and block ultra-violet rays, which can fade carpets, furniture and whatever else they come in contact with.

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