Get ready to produce clean energy right on your own rooftop. The process is simple, and Holencik Exteriors is with you each step of the way.

Design and Permitting

· We finalize the solar roof design. This involves snapping some photos and taking measurements.

· Obtain local utility approval for install when required.

· We take care of all permitting, working with your roofer. Once necessary approvals are received, we can schedule installation.


· Before the project begins, we’ll arrange for the delivery of materials to your home, via a delivery truck. We may also send a debris bin depending on the size of your project.

· Our experienced technicians will tear off your existing roof and replace it with the new roof and solar.

· We partner with a local electrician to complete the installation. The electrician will need access to your main service panel and may require access to your attic, garage, or other interior spaces of your home. What electrician will you be using?

Inspection and System Activation

· Once your new solar roof is in place, we work with local authorities to see that the installation is reviewed and passes inspection.

· We submit a request to your local utility to approve activation of the system. You will receive notice when the system can be turned on–it should come by email as a “Permission to Operate” or “PTO” notice.

· When you receive the PTO notice, we will email you specific instructions for how to turn on your system. The process is straightforward and easy.

· Turn on your solar roof. Congratulations, your system is up and running

There is no reason to put this off any longer. Call us today, meet our expert installers and begin the process to clean energy living!