Often times your roof is the last thing you think about on your home. A common question we get here at Holencik is, how do we know it’s time to replace our roof? This question mostly comes along with a problem. Meaning that a customer may have a leak in the roof, or they notice a few shingles missing. This really is a great question but if you are asking when you already have a problem, chances are you already need a new roof. There are several ways to tell if you need a new roof and remember not all of them can be seen from the ground.

The Signs

1. You have shingles that have blown off – this is a good indicator that the roof is getting older or possibly was not installed properly

2. The shingles beginning to curl up at the corners

3. If you or if you have someone clean out your gutters and notice handfuls of shingle granules collecting in the gutter

4. If you see shingles that are slipping out of place

5. If your roof is over 20-25 years old

6. Raised shingles

7. Nails popping up out of the shingles

8. If the shingles are beginning to crack

9. Valleys and corners

10. Metal flashing should be sealed all around – if it’s pulling away from the house

11. Ridges and peaks of the roof it should be unfirm across the length of the roof

12. More obvious issues can be if you have a leak or more than one

13. If you can see water collecting on your rafters in your attic

Please don’t try to get up on your roof to see if it needs to be replaced. Let us help you understand the ins and outs of needing a new roof. You can trust the numerous years of roofing experience that Holencik provides to walk you through the steps of needing a new roof. The team at Holencik will not tell you if you need a new roof if in fact you do not. Give Holencik a call today and Trust Your Next to the Best!