Ever wonder why some roofs in town are clear of snow in the winter and some have a blanket? The answer is attic insulation. The more well-insulated the house, the more the heat is conserved, and the snowier the roof – which is a good sign in this case. A well-insulated roof also means lower electric bills, reduced carbon footprint, and better air quality in the home. Roofing insulation is extremely important to home efficiency and the safety of your family, arguably even more than in other parts of the home.

Why is insulating the roof of your home so important? By helping to control the internal building temperature, insulation reduces the amount of energy needed to heat and run your home, while decreasing the chance of lost energy.

Roofing is exposed to more environmental pressures than any other part of the home, especially weather. Rain, snow, and sun exposure wears away roofing and can cause damage which interferes with insulation and energy savings.

To get the best insulation for your roofing system, you should speak with a professional roofer. This way you can get the best fit for your home or building and based on your local weather conditions. Holencik Exteriors and Owens Corning have teamed up to make your home comfortable with wall and attic insulation. We insulate walls and attics using Owens Corning’s blown in fiberglass, the most recognized name in insulation.

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