Holencik Gutter Installation

Holencik takes pride in both high quality service and excellent customer care in all gutter installations across the Greater Lehigh Valley. With ten years of gutter installation experience, Mark Holencik, uses top quality materials and recommends regular maintenance and repair to extend the gutter lifetime.

At Holencik we believe the two major aspects of gutters are thickness and hangers. In the Lehigh Valley, most gutters are .027 gauge (thickness), however we prefer to use .032. We also prefer to put hangers every 2 feet. While we believe this should be the standard, many installers stretch that out to 30 inches, 3 feet, 40 inches between hangers.

Gutter Protection

When it comes to keeping leaves and debris out of your gutters, there are far too many options available. But only a few are effective and durable enough to be recommended and used by the experts at Holencik. Check out the differences in the Champion Gutter GuardLeafproof Gutter Protection, or the MicroGuard Gutter Screen.