Preparing Your Dog for Visitors

Roofing is a business that involves estimators and crews visiting your home. If you are a pet-owner, you probably know how stressful it can be to have visitors, especially unfamiliar ones; it can be stressful for you, your pet, or your guest. If you’re lucky, your lovable dog says hello with a friendly bark or two, maybe even a sniff, but then goes back to its favorite lounging spot. But, if you are me – or someone with a dog like mine – it is more likely that your guests are welcomed with barks, bounds, and big wet kisses.

Our estimators will generally need to come to your home to give you an accurate price and opinion and our crews will be there to do the work. If you have a dog, there are a few ways you can prepare for the interaction between our company and your family pet or any house guest and your dog. Help your dog cope with visitors by understanding what they may be feeling, and then counter-acting it in some way. First, what type of personality does your dog have? If they are overly friendly and want to jump on and lick each visitor – you may need to leash until the visitor is in the home and sitting down. Then give the leash enough slack that they can get close enough to smell, but not jump on, your guest.

If your dog is aggressive, it may be best to keep the dog in another room while your visitor is there. If this person is someone who will frequently interact with you in your home, you can gradually introduce your dog to them but maybe not on the first visit. Let your dog get used to their smell in your home, first. If this visitor is only going to be in your home once or twice – like maybe a Holencik Roofing estimator – it may just be best that the dog never meets them. It will save both the dog and the estimator some unessary stress!

If your dog is shy, you could give your guest a treat to give the dog. This will entice the dog to get near to the guest, and show the dog that this person is nice and not going to hurt them. If you have a high-anxiety pet, you should consider taking them to a friend or family member’s home on the day(s) the guys are out to work on your home. There is usually a lot of “banging around,” four-legged family that may scare your member.

If your dog is kept outside and will be there when our crew comes to your home, it is a good idea to tell the office, so we can make a note of the dog’s presence on the work order. Something like – “friendly dog in the backyard, barks but doesn’t bite,” or “dog in the back yard is chained, please do not interact.” This way the guys are prepared!